7 Women Who've Earned Their Place In The Kitchen

It is often assumed that women don't want to work in professional kitchens because of the demanding nature of the job, the long hours and the stress of juggling work with family. Well, this clearly isn't always the case. We spoke to a few fabulous women chefs and restaurateurs and uncovered some of their secret ingredients for success.

From Rummaging In Bins To Refining Recipes, Here’s How Restaurants Can Save On Food Costs

Certain investments in a restaurant are reflected in its decor, expensive cutlery and the likes. However, most diners aren't aware of the cost that goes into what arrives on the plate in front of them. But then, that's not a diner's headache either. The responsibility of economics falls squarely on the restaurateur. Yogesh Mukashi from Bangalore's Egg Factory gives us insights on a few smart ways to reduce food costs.
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'Dear Sir Or Madam' Is Not A Smart Way To Apply For Fellowships Or Jobs

Thinking of applying for a postdoctoral fellowship or a training opportunity or even a job? Please read this. Like all researchers at major research-intensive universities, I receive hundreds of emails from candidates looking for potential training opportunities. Very few catch my attention, and very few merit serious consideration. Many emails are poorly written, and most have little to do with my actual line of research. It is frustrating. So, I prepared a list of 10 tips for applicants…