Kelly O'Meara

Why We're Eradicating The Disease, Not The Dogs Around Corbett Tiger Reserve

To help address the possibility of the outbreak of disease, HSI/India has proposed a Mass Dog Vaccination program in the area to vaccinate the dogs and identify any that may be infected. Previously, MDV programs have been carried out in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and other national parks around the world. The MDV program is a proven humane solution that can help maintain the delicate balance between the habitat of the wild and human settlements with dogs.
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Which South Asia Do You Live In?

Which South Asia do you live in? The one which offers world-class metros and malls, super-speciality hospitals, gourmet eateries and designer homes where servants make your meals, drive your car or clean your mess? Or do you live in the South Asia where sanitation, water and electricity are a luxury, where filth, ignorance and violence means death comes early and more frequently from illness, poverty and natural disasters? Statistically, the latter is more likely.
Jhampan Mookerjee

Pictures: My Private Tiger Moment

The black-and-yellow striped work of art grew closer and there he was every rippling muscle in sharp focus as he passed us at the crossing and walked on ahead. Yes there was a Gypsy with five gaping humans within smelling distance. But he couldn't care less. These insignificant beings were not a part of his consciousness.