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The Faults In Our Teachers: Is There A Remedy?

One of the most belittling comments about teachers, unfortunately with more than an iota of truth in it, was made by famous Irish polemicist George Bernard Shaw. To paraphrase: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.” In India, where education, from the primary to higher levels, is in shambles, with minuscule islands of excellence, a lot of people find great truth in Shaw's words. Yet, however criminal it may be for a teacher to be absent, vengeful, incompetent and callous, the buck actually does not stop at him or her alone.

Teachers Are The Architects Of Our Society

Good teaching stretches, challenges and pushes learners to discover more. And motivated learners become the leaders of our society. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day in India, we celebrate and congratulate all teachers who are putting their best foot forward to help shape our young learners’ thoughts and ideas, guiding them on their learning journeys to discover and achieve, while never forgetting that they themselves are lifelong learners.

Our Teachers Need A Crash Course In Inspiring Young Minds

A few months ago, I was summoned by my five-year-old son’s class teacher regarding his attentiveness in class. She complained that my son doesn’t follow instructions and seems quite uninterested in what is being taught. When I asked my son why he behaved like that, he coolly responded, “I can’t see the blackboard properly and so can’t understand what she says.” His matter-of-fact response got me thinking about why the teacher couldn’t solve such a simple issue without involving the parents.
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Differently-Abled Teachers Could Bridge The Education Gap For Students With Special Needs

Last month, I went to an NGO in north Delhi with a friend who worked there. Coincidentally, on that very day, the CBSE class 12 results came out. The mood there was very jubilant because more than five visually challenged students associated with the NGO got more than 90% marks while a few others got more than 80%. Though these performances would not be considered extraordinary in normal circumstances, these were not ordinary students.
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The Damage Done By Indian Schools

It was when I started studying in a university abroad that I realised the full extent of damage done by my schooling. For instance, in my first year I could not turn in an English literature essay of substance. My university education became the beginning of my un-schooling. But how many of us have this opportunity to undergo this un-schooling? I did three years of BA, followed by a year of postgraduation studies, and I still feel the effects of this schooling on me. So what of others?
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A Proven Cure For Appreciation Deficit Disorder

I strongly believe that as a society we have a serious problem with Appreciation Deficit Disorder!. But there are always exceptions. For example, a friend of mine who has been teaching for several years now has made genuine appreciation a way of life. She teaches senior classes in school and like all teachers, has to facilitate parent-teacher meetings (PTMs).
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Here's What We Can Really Do For Our Teachers: A 10-Point Plan For The PM

There is no nobler profession than teaching. Teachers shape our minds, show a path, impart wisdom. A country that doesn't make teaching a respectable profession has a bleak future. And now that Teacher's Day has been celebrated, we need to ask: Have we done enough for our teachers? Here is my cheat sheet on what we can do for them. To follow it will need will, conviction, empathy and, most importantly, concern for India's future.
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How A 13-Year-Old Helped To Innovate Learning In His Classroom And Beyond

Through collective brainstorming, Aman and his classmates hit upon the idea of starting informal learning circles (LCs) that could be run by the students and for the students. "Teachers sometimes have a lot of admin work because of which it might be really hard for them to focus on each and every child in the classroom. I thought LCs would be a great way for us to make a difference to this problem that some of our classmates face every day," he says with wisdom beyond his years.