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What The Rest Of India Can Learn From Mumbai's Fight Against TB

The discovery of Totally Drug-resistant Tuberculosis (TDR-TB) brought home the realisation that Mumbai was in a TB crisis. In response, the Mumbai Mission for TB Control was formed, its multi-pronged strategy focusing on proactively finding new cases in slums, creating access to rapid TB diagnosis ( including testing everyone for drug resistance), improving access to correct treatment and extending these services and support to providers and patients in the private sector.

Amitabh Bachchan And Ratan Tata Are Talking TB: We All Need To Join In

It's a hot, brooding rainy afternoon in Mumbai as many of us TB nerds congregate in a small meeting room in a hotel in Mumbai. The room is filled with TB experts, doctors and government officials and our conversation is predictably dull. We talk about diagnosis, treatment and drugs. But the room comes alive as India's most famous TB patient Amitabh Bachchan walks in with legendary business leader Ratan Tata. Both of them are now "ambassadors" for TB control.

In The Age Of Travel, Tuberculosis Knows No Borders

The recent episode of an air passenger who travelled from India to the United States, while suffering from extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB*), has raised a public health scare. The passenger, after landing in Chicago, travelled by car to visit relatives in three states before seeking medical care and being diagnosed with XDR-TB. She has been isolated and is currently on treatment at the US National Institutes of Health. Public health officials are now working to locate everyone who has possibly been exposed to the infection, including fellow air passengers.
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How India Created Its TB Crisis--And How We Can Contain It

March 24 was World Tuberculosis Day. Not a day for celebrations in India if we consider that we have the highest TB burden globally with a million "missing" cases that remain undiagnosed, untreated and possibly undocumented. What's worse is that India's TB crisis -- the result of years of bureaucratic neglect and private sector disease mismanagement-- is now creating an epidemic of drug resistant (DR) TB. World TB Day then, if anything, is a reminder of the crisis ahead.