Sumitra Mahajan


Why Sumitra Mahajan Was Right In Suspending Congress MPs

When Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan suspended 25 members of the Congress from the House for five days on Monday, Indian National Congress (INC) president Mrs Sonia Gandhi described it as "a black day" for Indian democracy. She conveniently forgot that Speaker Mrs Meira Kumar under the United Progressive Alliance dispensation had on 23 August 2013 suspended 12 MPs for five sittings for disrupting Parliament. Then on 2 September 2013 she again suspended nine MPs for the same reason under the same rule.
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The Brazen Suspension of Congress MPs Is An Attack On Democracy

That the BJP has now taken a U-turn on parliamentary tactics that it championed not so long ago should not be surprising. But, were this like a conventional U-turn, like on Aadhaar, FDI in retail, GST etc., we would remind the BJP of its stance while in opposition, call NDA2 a U-turn sarkar, have fun at their expense and move on until the next U-turn, which incidentally would be on the land bill. But, this is not an ordinary U-turn. It smacks of brazenness, contempt for dissent and disdain for institutional accountability. We must not laugh this one off. This is a serious matter.