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Those Damned Low-Rise Jeans

Back in London, finding clothes that fit was surprisingly easy. In a country where even the average teenager has a much larger waist size than me, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I fell into the category of 'normal-sized' people. This made me rather optimistic when I had to go shopping here in India. I naively assumed that with so many big brands vying for market share, they would cater to the needs of people of all shapes and sizes.
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What Is Your 'Cool' Quotient?

Cool is exclusive, the opposite of mass. It thrives on the attitude that if your neighbours are in on it, it can't be cool. It's morphed into gadgets, technology, cars, people, music or parties accessible to few but coveted by many. This is where the new trends of individual designs, customisation and personalisation are getting a foothold. The minute everyone has the same gadget, you have to admit that you're just not as cool any longer.

How Indian Artisans Can Weave Their Magic In The Global Sphere

What we do best in India and what we are recognised most for internationally is embroidery. Artisans in India, however, often come from the poorest levels of society and are frequently illiterate. It is almost impossible for them to keep up with the times (as yet). Try ordering a few thousand metres of silk in Varanasi or Kanchipuram: production structures will not be able to deliver. This prevents our contributions from earning the recognition they deserve in the international luxury industry.