Stand-Up Comedy


Art Attack: Comedians, Prepare To Be Killed For Your Art

You know that being a funnyman is not always a barrel of laughs. You know that the AIB FIR is just the beginning. As comedy rises further in popularity, for every thousand people who laugh, one scrooge will decide to take offence. More FIRs will be lodged, more threats will arise, more Aamir Khan letters will be rebutted by Twinkle Khanna letters (who would've thought).
The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge

People within the Indian Establishment are offended by the idea that their beneficial status quo can be disturbed by inconvenient democratic principles like free speech and strict law enforcement. So, knee-jerk pre-emptive measures are taken at the first signs of anything that challenges, let alone upsets, that you-scratch-mine-I-scratch-yours balance.