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Slums And The Price Of Insecurity

The price of insecure tenure is proving to be much too high and is being borne not only by the slum inhabitants, but also the broader society and economy. It is time to stop viewing slum households as the problem, and start recognising the untapped potential. For example, a simplistic calculation implies there is potential for at least Rs 3,000 crore of tax revenues for municipal governments if the tenure rights of the slum households can be formally recognised.
Saif Ahmed

Poor Man's Sciences: The Survival of Dhaka

To function in Dhaka, you need to be privy to certain scientific processes. Sounds absurd? Not necessarily - after all, the city is 75% and 67% more dense than Hong Kong and Mumbai respectively, with 115,000 people per square mile, and survival is a tricky game. And sorry Dr Einstein, the types of innovations on which Dhaka thrives are engendered by the likes of slum dwellers and local bus conductors.