Silicon Valley

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Can Big Tech Still Innovate?

In an era where unicorns are the flavour of the day and every business wants to be the "next Uber of its category", how can large technology firms, catering to a mass base of enterprise and consumers, claim the innovation mantle? And beyond that lies the larger question -- is the trade-off between growth and innovation always a losing one?
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US Academics Worried About Modi Visit Need To Do Their Homework

Academics are academics, and public intellectuals are public intellectuals, and sometimes the twain shall meet. Yet many who have crossed the divide have resorted to methods or arguments as public intellectuals that their academic avatars might never have tolerated. The same presumably applies to the 125 US-based university professors who last week released an open letter decrying the "uncritical fanfare" surrounding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's forthcoming visit to Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, their statement is astonishingly ill-informed and poorly argued.