Varun Santhosh

Sikkim Organic Mission: Why We Need To Dig Deeper

There's been a lot of buzz recently about Sikkim becoming a completely organic state. The state government has won kudos from many quarters, from being featured on the popular TV show  Satyamev Jayate to being effusively praised by PM Modi. While there is no doubt that Sikkim is one of better governed small states in India, a more balanced view has been missing from the general discourse.
DIPTENDU DUTTA via Getty Images

Sikkim Scales The Peak Of Sanitation

The tiny state of Sikkim in north-east India is the first to have provided toilets for all its citizens. In doing so, it has become the first to be free from open defecation. It did this by putting women first and strong leadership at all levels. Sikkim's achievement stands out in India, where about 600 million people continue to use open areas to defecate even if they have toilets. It shows how people can be convinced of the need to build and use toilets without financial support from the government.
Jay Nair

My Sikkim Diary, End To Beginning

We came through the Mumbai Airport gates with a smile on our faces at having come home, but also an acute sense of sadness of parting from the places and people we had been parted from. The night before... We found a petit bistro named Bakers Cafe that served local bread, wine and coffee. It had started to drizzle outside, little lights on the street and shops made the road seem like a street magic fair.