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Solo Female Travel: To Go Or Not To Go?

As you finally broach the topic of setting out solo, there's a sequence of reactions from the family. It starts with the calm before the storm, an air of hushed incomprehension. Then the eyebrows go up a fraction. And then all hell breaks loose. There are cackles of disbelief, wails of lament. How can our daughter even think this way? Could a demon have possessed her? Hope is reposed in divine forces. God will help us, he will cure her of these unholy thoughts.
Ruth Dsouza Prabhu

Eating Out In Shimla

Himachali or Pahadi cuisine varies according to the district you are in. For example, Kullu Valley uses a lot of meat and lamb. If you head towards Mandi, closer to the Punjab region, you find an influence from there as well. Lahore valley has heavier and richer food with the use of Yak meat.