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Surviving My Struggle With Self-Sabotage

I started telling myself that I could not do it. The end result was a loss of confidence and tasks left unattempted - things that failed before even starting. It made matters worse, because truth be told, even if you fail, just the effort of trying to make your dreams come true makes you more confident and more poised toward succeeding the next time you try. But sadly, self-sabotage is the destroyer of many dreams.
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From Vyjayanthimala To Alia Bhatt: The Evolution Of The 'Thin Ideal' In Bollywood

Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor-Khan, Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt make up just a handful of the clientele who rely on celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala for their perfect physique. All of their stories are featured in Karachiwala's book Sculpt and Shape. Which leads us right to where Bollywood's portrayal of body image currently stands: sculpted and shaped, to a point beyond feasible for most people with day jobs.
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Celebrating The ‘Fat' Aunty In Tights

The "big" aunty in tights, walking gaily down the chic mall or the neighbourhood market, and who still in a very evolved world generates snickers, may have run an obstacle course to get herself to buy her first pair, and climbed a mountain of belief to wear it! Against her family, her husband, her kids, her magazines, her friends' sense of aesthetics, and who knows what else to reach the finish line of confidence.

Set Yourself Free From The Beauty Trap

You must have already formed an image of me in your mind, but let me fill in the gaps for you. I am a US Size 4, light-skinned, light-eyed, brown-haired girl living in a nation obsessed with fair skin. You must be wondering what gives me the entitlement to write this article since I occupy quite an enviable position in this culture.
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My Body Is Amazing And So Is Yours

Like most women, I've spent so many years focusing on parts of my body that I wish I could change. I've experimented with my diet plenty, overtrained, compromised on sleep, eaten the bare minimum number of calories and basically tested my body to its limits. Without realising it, I've put my body under a lot of stress over the years to reach a certain aesthetic.