How The Persecution Of Kanhaiya Kumar Pulled The Left Out Of The Red

The Delhi Police with its excesses, the black-coat-wearing assailants in Patiala House, and the hate-mongering television 'news' anchors have achieved what folks like EMS Namboodripad, Jyoti Basu, Inderjit Gupta, Prakash Karat, Gurudas Dasgupta, Sitaram Yechury and the like, could never have achieved. No one would not have invested so much time in listening to the views of a young student given to a certain worldview had it not been for the insecurity and aggressive censoriousness of those holding the contrary opinion.
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L'Affaire JNU Exposes The Intellectual Bankruptcy And Imagination Deficit Of The Indian Left

The impoverished quality of thought in JNU leaders comes from the lack of political wisdom in national left parties - the Communist Party of India (CPI) and Communist Party Marxist (CPM). They seem to have lost the political imagination to envision a society based upon left values and are absolutely clueless about re-inventing themselves. Instead of addressing constructive issues, they indulge in destructive ones like Afzal Guru and the independence of Kashmir.
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India Is Being Shamed. Why Are We Allowing It?

The government, the lawyers and the police have stood together and proved that they have no pride and no respect for their positions. They can flaunt the law, they can bring in anarchy and they can get away with it. Who is really damaging the integrity, the sovereignty and the respect of the nation? Who is shaming India? The students who want to convey their feelings in a protest? The journalists who are doing their job? Or the protectors of the people? The guardians of the law?

Notions Of Nation: A Toxic Potion

Try and update your Facebook timeline or tweet about what you think freedom of speech should be and in no time there will appear friends and strangers telling you that you have no notion of such complex terms. Freedom of speech. Sedition. Pro-India. Anti-India. Rights and duties. Terrorism. Nationalism. Anarchy. These are just a few of the keywords that can jangle the nerves of the strongest man these days. We forget, however, that most of us have mere notions of what they mean...