Tiatemjen Jamir / World Vision

Reading Clubs Give Kids A Literacy Boost In UP And Jharkhand

Reading clubs (sometimes called reading camps) are an integral component of the Literacy Boost programme for early grade learners. Children attend the camps after school and on weekends to build on the literacy skills they learn at school. The clubs are facilitated by trained community volunteers, who lead the children through fun activities such as songs, games and arts and crafts -- all of which focus on building reading skills.

Our Teachers Need A Crash Course In Inspiring Young Minds

A few months ago, I was summoned by my five-year-old son’s class teacher regarding his attentiveness in class. She complained that my son doesn’t follow instructions and seems quite uninterested in what is being taught. When I asked my son why he behaved like that, he coolly responded, “I can’t see the blackboard properly and so can’t understand what she says.” His matter-of-fact response got me thinking about why the teacher couldn’t solve such a simple issue without involving the parents.