Satyajit Ray

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The Many Layers Of 'Bhuvan Shome': Revisiting A Mrinal Sen Classic

There are several ways to approach ‘Bhuvan Shome’. At its most elementary level, it can be described as a film about a man's bird hunting adventure in Saurashtra. At another level, it can be seen as a powerful character study of a strict bureaucrat who finds it difficult to survive outside the comforts of his cocooned existence. The film can also be looked upon as a treatise on human solitude and longing for companionship. Yet another way to approach the film is as a social commentary on the great rural-urban divide…
Alok Mitra

No Man's Land: The Future Of Art In South Asia

Looking from the outside, I believe artists for generations have been living in a no-man's land -- the work of Bangladesh's Sultan preserved in Pakistan, Indian-born Satyajit's dialogues in the mouths of Bangladeshi children... The chain of events, the promoting hands, and the artists finding space, metaphorically or physically, where art can flourish, all that to me takes place in no-man's land, without mental or physical borders.