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20 Ways To Stay Safe While Travelling By Bus, Cab Or Train

In urban areas, many of us follow a daily ritual of hopping on a bus, catching a cab or boarding a train. When these activities become routine, we have a tendency to get comfortable. We may forget all about the importance of personal safety. After all, you do this every day and nothing bad has happened yet. Well, all it takes is a few seconds and an unforeseen danger can change the rest of your life!
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Where Being A Woman Means Looking Over Your Shoulder

Is there any city in India which can be termed safe for women? "Eve-teasing" (can we please just retire this archaic, minimising term and call it sexual harassment already?) is a phenomenon that transcends the boundaries of region, religion and caste. Regardless of where you are, if you're a woman you're probably looking over your shoulder, ducking your head or quickening your pace on the streets.
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Torn Pages From My Harassment Diary

I have never felt as wordless as when I was trying to articulate my experiences of sexual harassment on the streets of India. When these incidents took place, all I wanted to do was to perhaps take a lesson from them and then move on, forget about them. They made me feel emotionally weak, helpless, as if freedom was out of my grasp. I could imagine others saying, "So what? After all, she was never raped."