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Which South Asia Do You Live In?

Which South Asia do you live in? The one which offers world-class metros and malls, super-speciality hospitals, gourmet eateries and designer homes where servants make your meals, drive your car or clean your mess? Or do you live in the South Asia where sanitation, water and electricity are a luxury, where filth, ignorance and violence means death comes early and more frequently from illness, poverty and natural disasters? Statistically, the latter is more likely.
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NATO Drawdown From Afghanistan: Can Regional Cooperation Be A Game Changer

While the prospect of India and Pakistan working together in Afghanistan may sound preposterous to many, as a counter to the not-so-improbable scenario of instability emanating from greater radicalization, terrorism, narcotics, refugee flows, a regime of enhanced joint counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics and greater information sharing mechanism would benefit both.