Road Trips

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5 Lifelong Lessons From A Childhood Spent On The Road

Nostalgia is tricky emotion. It is a feeling of sadness that stems from a happy once-upon-a-time. It is also where a lot of stories come from. And everyone knows travel and stories are two sides of the same coin. Ibn Batuta thought so too. I am extremely fortunate that my family laid the foundation for innumerable stories, most of which started with us in the back of a car…
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Journeys Then And Journeys Now: Why I Miss The Heat, Dust And Highway Breakdowns

Cruising swiftly down the highway in a car that could not have been more different than my father's, I started thinking about how much things had changed since we took road trips with our parents as children. There was no air conditioning, of course, and somehow we didn't seem to mind. When (not if) the car broke down, almost always because of a broken fan-belt, we would get out and run into the wilderness...
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The Peek-A-Boo Church Of Gorur Dam

If you visit Gorur Dam in the monsoon months, you might just miss this church unless you go up close. But visit in the dry summer and you will see it in all its Gothic glory. Located some distance away from Bengaluru, in Shettihalli, the Holy Rosary Church is submerged by the Gorur Dam reservoir in the monsoon season and then stands tall for all to see when the water recedes in summer.