Renewable Energy

India Needs Green Banks To Power Its Clean Energy Market

India's headlong rush to boost renewable energy in keeping with the spirit of the Paris climate summit has been tempered with the difficulties project developers are facing to secure inexpensive finance. This issue can be best solved by establishing a green bank to strengthen the rapidly expanding clean energy market, a recent report has recommended.
Amit Dave / Reuters

Save Me Technology, For I Have (Energy) Sinned

Unfortunately, in recent times the emphasis has shifted from reducing the demand of power in India through efficiency to increasing its supply. Except for limited exceptions, numerous studies have shown that people worldwide are under-investing in energy efficient products. While some of this may be due to lack of awareness, much of the problem stems from misaligned incentives -- for utilities, selling more "product" (electricity) is their measure of success (and profits).
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Reaching For The Sun: Space-Based Solar Power Could Be The Answer To Climate Change

The concept has been around for a while, but with Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP; tapping sunlight in space to generate clean constant energy) winning the top prize for innovation in technology for a clean and truly prosperous world at the D-3 (Diplomacy, Defense and Development) summit on 2 March in Washington, D.C, the idea seems closer to being realized than ever before. When seen in the context of recent developments in China and Japan, and with India waiting to get in on the action, the possibilities are electrifying.