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Should ‘Conditions Apply' In Love And Relationships?

In an attempt to make relationships more satisfying, humans tend to set conditions. In business, conditions help to protect the interests of the risk-taking party. But when set in relationships, conditions uncomfortably strangle the growth of the bond. In fact, conditions and satisfaction are inversely proportional to each other. The more conditions you put in a relationship, the less satisfying it tends to be. However, there are some exceptions...
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Five Phrases Worse Than Saying Nothing

We've all been there - you're hanging out with someone who has a great career/wonderful husband/adorable child/perfect life, and she (usually she) can't help but offer 'advice' so you can get to the same happy place. She lurks in disguise as a friend/sibling/cousin/aunt/neighbour/random person you just met an hour ago.
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How We Made Our Childhood Romance Survive

When you are in a new relationship you don't imagine a day when you will be able to write about your feelings objectively. But 16 years later you realize you can, and it's liberating and romantic all at the same time. I wanted to think about what I learnt about relationships, and how my other relationships can benefit from my learning. But most importantly, I wanted to know what to teach my son if he ever asks for relationship advice.