Disability And Pavlov's Dogs

In many cultures, disability is seen as "evil" or as something to fear. It's not uncommon in mythology and popular culture to have villains with a limp or a hunched back or some form of disability. Ex...
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Odisha’s Handloom Weavers Spin Magical Silks, But Their Livelihoods Are In Tatters

“The beauty lies in the imperfection,” says Babuli's wife looking up from above her thick spectacles. “Every time one wears a handwoven silk sari, every time one turns, the sun hits it differently and it glitters like a new river.” She points the spinning wheel of raw silk thread in the sun and twirls it like a magic wand. The glitter is now in her eyes when she says, “Sometimes you can see the cosmos in it.” Babuli rebukes her, “But who cares. All they want is cheap machine-made ones.”