Prateek Kayan

How Majeed Went From Fleeing Syria To Dancing In Berlin

Majeed is like any other nineteen year old, checking out girls, posting selfies on Instagram and flexing his abdominals at the drop of a hat. But the closer you get to him, the more you learn about the rivers and forests he has crossed to get to where he is. For a young boy it has truly been a long way from Syria to Berlin and sadly the journey has just begun.
Tara Moore via Getty Images

Does Google Photos Compress The Life Out Of Your Pics? Here's What Our Experiment Revealed

We have added each image, in their native resolution and size as well as the same image downloaded after it was backed up by Google Photos. Post this, we have cropped the images to the same section in order to see how much, if at all, the quality of the image falls. This would allow you a greater perspective when using the unlimited backup mode and see if it is worth losing those megapixels, especially if you later have to go ahead and print these pictures or even blow them up outdoors.

India In All Her Blazing Glory

India, you will meet her, not in newspapers nor in a movie, not an idea or fantasy, not solely in her texts, nor what the journalist, moviemaker or prejudice says, nor in fables or documentaries. Y...