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How To Be A 100% Certified Patriot

The government understands it is difficult to keep yourself constantly updated to be a 100% certified patriot and has decided to address your concerns by introducing the BMJK app. Once you install this helpful app, you will keep getting notifications for every new anti-national activity. The app also has a reward feature. Swabbing your floor with gomutra, supporting Anupam Kher in whatever and whoever he's protesting against, abusing paid media online, beating up traitors as you scream BMKJ will earn you 500 reward points each.
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Here's A Reminder: Bharat Mata Is NOT A Religious Symbol

Respect for mothers is an integral part of Indian culture. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and all other communities virtually venerate the mother. To portray the country as the mother is to assign it maternal attributes like affection, nurturing, and fertility, which are completely religion neutral. Most Indian Muslims see this rationale and therefore have never had a problem saying these words. Those who do object to it, either incorrectly interpret the meaning of the slogan, or are being misguided by those with vested interests.