New York City

The Year Women Found Their Rage

A year ago tonight, I thought I was about to walk into the room where our first female president would take the stage. The energy was electric when my team and I arrived at the Javits Center in the ea...
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un&nbsp;was&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">actually inspecting a power station</a>&nbsp;when a photographer snapped this image in April 2016.

Strange Kim Jong Un 'Ballroom Dancing' Picture Gets Ultimate Reworking

Folks online are gleefully reworking an old picture of Kim Jong Un, in which it looks as if he's ballroom dancing. A photographer snapped the bizarre image of North Korea's dictator in April 2016, as...

A Perfect Date In New York

Amidst all the chaos of Tinder and when everyone seems to losing hope in the happily-ever-after (just look at Brad and Angelina... we thought they were the real thing), here I am in New York, still cl...
Premshree Pillai/Flickr

In Defense Of (Some) Indian Men

The taxi I was in broke down to a grinding halt. A few men from vehicles behind us all gathered around the taxi shouting instructions at each other, peering in at me with curiosity and trying to push the car. I stiffened. Sitting with my purse and laptop bag, with a large suitcase in the trunk, in this rain, I didn't have too many options.