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BJP Attacks On Shah Rukh Are Costing Modi His NRI Fans

US-based Indians who swore by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government and gave him rock star welcomes during his visits here are now being forced to re-evaluate his performance. They are finally asking themselves the hard-hitting questions. What is India becoming under Modi? Why are these ministers talking like this? Why doesn't Modi ever condemn their remarks? Does he agree with them?

Moody's Infamous Modi Report: Nothing Official About It

"Moody's to Modi: Rein in BJP members or risk losing global credibility" claimed the sensational and disturbing headline emblazoned across the websites of almost all major Indian language newspapers on 30 October. This was undoubtedly a stinging rebuke to the Modi government from the premier rating agency in the world. With such unanimity in reporting, the authenticity of the news item appeared irrefutable. However, when I started reading the text of these articles, doubts began to creep in. Was Moody's Analytics the same as Moody's? Research indicated that it was not.

Podcast: The Innovative Recipes and Exotic Ingredients of Upvas Food

Fasting - whether the reasons are medical, spiritual or even political - goes back centuries. Some fasts are absolute, where you can't eat, sometimes even drink, anything, while some type of fasts restrict what ingredients you can consume. For a practice that is so closely connected with food, its ingredients and their cooking, it might be surprising that fasting is generally not associated with the culinary world. But is it really so disconnected from the world of food?
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Karva Chauth: A Womanly Celebration Of Cultural Misogyny

There is a cultural explanation for Indian women's fixation on their husbands' long lives. Whether a man lives or dies ultimately defines how his wife is socially perceived and treated! A married woman is called Sumangala -- the fortunate one, the bringer of good luck. A widow, on the other hand is called Amangala -- the unfortunate one, the bringer of bad luck. The reverse logic does not apply to men.

Podcast: The Origins Of Organic Food And Why We Should Take It More Seriously

The science of nutrition is, and always has been, a confounding mess. Are carbohydrates good or bad? Do you really need to banish fat from your diet? Can salt actually cause irreparable harm? The answer to these questions changes every few years. Add to this the plethora of diets that keep coming in and going out of fashion every few months, and you're left confused about what really is healthy. However, the one trend that has been consistent is the organic food movement.

Chai Pe Charcha To Gai Pe Charcha: Can Modi Stop The Degeneration Of Indian Politics?

Some MPs and ministers in Modi's cabinet appear to be working at cross purposes. They are slowly undoing all the good work done by Modi, with some leaders sullying the image of India by their intemperate comments on a variety of issues. The rest of us are left wondering why Modi isn't taking action against them, or even speculating whether this is part of a larger conspiracy to keep Modi under check.