Narendra Modi

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Jiggs Uncle And The Making Of A Food Writer

It was an Old Monk-y evening of December when the entire unit was called for an evening dine-out. It began as most such evenings did, and then you saw a line of ranks being formed as a blue turban made his way to the enclosure reserved for ladies and officers. In the habit of following my dad everywhere, I tugged his arm and asked, "Who is it?" He whispered, "Jiggs Kalra."

A Selfie Made PM

It requires a great leader like NaMo to adopt our selfie addiction as his own and use it to his advantage. How many nations can claim to have a PM who not only forges ties with world leaders but also their doting mothers and adoring bhakts by clicking selfies with them?
Priya Pathiyan

Happiness For All At St Moritz

Switzerland just earned the title of the World's Happiest Country in this year's World Happiness index. And the Swiss resort town of St Moritz is celebrating 150 years of existence this year. Two compelling reasons to find out what all the fuss is about!

Hit The Road, Jill!

Earlier, women used to travel with their families only during the winter or summer vacations. A woman travelling solo was unheard of. But today more and more Indian women are keen on travelling and not necessarily with their families or friends.
Pooja Dhingra

3 Chocolatey Valentine's Day Recipes

There's a self-imposed ban on these recipes for me. Because the first time I made them I ate so many that I had to police myself. These are gorgeous, highly addictive and the perfect dessert to bake for that someone special. You will have them eating out of your hands, literally.
Khushboo Thadani

Superfood Shopping In India

Oh how much easier it would be to eat healthy if we had such innovative healthy options available! Fortunately we do have a huge variety available to us. The only difference is that they aren't marketed as being 'healthy' or covered in buzzwords like 'paleo-friendly' or 'vegan'. If you want to nourish your body, look no further than your local grocer:
Ajay Jain

7 Reasons to Go Road Tripping in India

No matter how much you research for your trip, you will be offered temptations prompting you to change course. A hidden fort, a beautiful lake, apple plantations, a religious festival, marriages, local fairs--the more you ask around, the more to-dos will get added to your list.