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Why The Nagas Don't Like To Speak Of Delhi

As if referring to a delinquent relative, the people of the Konyak tribe of Nagaland rebuffed the very existence of Delhi. "Who? What? No we don't talk about that during the festival," said an elderly, dazzlingly bedecked woman. In the current climate, where a doomsday machine of counterfeit nationalism is being assembled by the central government, this attitude would normally call for expulsion of the largely Christian Nagas, but ironically this is exactly what the Nagas have been fighting for...

Our Oldest Insurgency Is Over; It's A Truly Wonderful Day For India

Nagas are ferocious fighters and both tested, and battle-trained the Army over these decades, developing healthy mutual, soldierly respect. Insurgency defied peacemaking efforts of Nehru and later of the Centre even through the good offices of Jaya Prakash Narayan (JP) and Vinoba Bhave. Zhapu Angami Phizo, the 'president" of the so-called Naga Federal Government, controlled the rebellion from exile in London.
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What End Of Ceasefire Means For India And Naga Rebel Group NSCN(K)

If a senior functionary of the group is to be believed, the decision to withdraw from the ceasefire seems to have been well planned by National Socialist Council of Nagaland or NSCN(K) leader S S Khaplang. He saw greater benefits in snapping ties with the Indian government and getting closer to the Myanmarese army and the separatist outfits from India's Northeast that have camps in that region.