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Knitting To Be Here, Now

Be warned. This is not me talking about knitting. Not really. Knitting is just the process I engage in. It's not what I do. What I do -- as the needles sing, clinking against each other, the matte metal zinging in a tiny bubble of yarn, as the knot slides out gently, magically, as the fuzz of the string lazes on my leg -- is exist. In that moment I exist. And I am at peace.
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Danger: ‘Democracy' At Work

What does the mind do when it sees all those values it was brought up to believe in start to evaporate? More extremism: nationalism, racial superiority, religious certitude, male domination, bigotry, egotism... the usual list which has seen so many Trumps of the "Me Tarzan, You Jane" variety get democratically elected in the past: Hitler, Mussolini, Berlusconi, Erdogan, Putin, Le Pen, Fujimori...

Misery Functions Like A Magnet

Misery makes you capable of attracting people's attention. Whenever you are miserable you are attended to, sympathised with, loved. Everybody starts taking care of you. Who wants to hurt a miserable person? Who is jealous of a miserable person? Who wants to be antagonistic to a miserable person? That would be too mean. There is great investment in misery.
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5 Quick Health-Boosting Tricks For Busy Entrepreneurs And Professionals

As an entrepreneur there is always a slight sense of panic and a rush to meet deadlines. Work always takes priority. We tend to forget that our body and mind are going through extreme stress even as we fight our exhaustion to stick to our punishing schedules. As you read ahead, you will probably notice right away that most of the strategies listed below take little time, are easy to do and are well within your reach.
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Mood-Changing Wearable Gadgets? Choose Mindfully!

I recently read about an upcoming wearable technology that can play with your brain and alter your mood! This device allows the consumer to choose between "calm" and "energy" settings to stimulate two different mood states. Can wearable technologies hold the potential to unlock the power of your mind? If so, is it ethically or culturally appropriate for consumers to modify their behaviour using mind-altering gadgets?