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THIS IMAGE IS BINNEDFormer U.S. President Barack Obama and British businessman Richard Branson sit on a boat during Obama's holiday on Branson's Moskito island, in the British Virgin Islands, in a picture handed out by Virgin on February 7, 2017. Jack Brockway/Virgin Handout via REUTERS FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Here's What REALLY Happened When The Obamas Vacationed With Richard Branson

Turns out the Obamas had even more fun in the Caribbean than previously thought. Billionaire Richard Branson describes his time hosting the power couple on his private resort, Necker Island, in his ne...
Mike Segar / Reuters

Melania, Michelle And The Fine Art Of Public Speaking

Two powerful women -- two very different speeches. One clearly has a lot to lose and a lot to win. It was a very important speech for Melania. Technically, Michelle didn't have anything to lose. And she has had spadefuls of experience doing this sort of thing. As a very tentative speaker myself, I was honestly more interested in seeing how Melania handled her speaking job. These are some of the things that I took away from watching and re-watching the two Ms speak.