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From Shock Treatment To Yoga, Conversion Therapy Is A Disturbing Reality Around The World

Conversion therapy, which aims to "convert" a queer person into a heterosexual, is sought not only by parents but also by LGBTQ individuals who see it as an escape from the social stigma that surrounds their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. This, more than anything, speaks volumes about the discriminatory environment in our society, and how damagingly this is internalized.
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Whatever The ‘Final Verdict', We're Not Going Back In The Closet

Starting today, thousands of LGBT people will start coming together across the country to hold vigils to remind the Supreme Court that the curative petition on Section 377 before it isn't a mere document -- it contains the hopes and aspirations of countless people who are fighting for their right to live with dignity and respect. But this isn't our "last hope". It cannot be, considering how far we have come in just a few decades, despite legislative inaction and judicial dalliance.
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Priya Vedi Suicide: Why We Must Share The Blame

A doctor at a prestigious medical institution was compelled to kill herself after allegedly being harassed for dowry and being unable to bear that her husband was gay. In today's world, where there are a million resources - support organisations (for both LGBT and women), the internet, professional counselling and so much more - what propelled Priya to her untimely death? What sort of desperation drove her to not seek help but instead kill herself? Why did she not walk out of the marriage and seek a divorce?