Left Wing

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L'Affaire JNU Exposes The Intellectual Bankruptcy And Imagination Deficit Of The Indian Left

The impoverished quality of thought in JNU leaders comes from the lack of political wisdom in national left parties - the Communist Party of India (CPI) and Communist Party Marxist (CPM). They seem to have lost the political imagination to envision a society based upon left values and are absolutely clueless about re-inventing themselves. Instead of addressing constructive issues, they indulge in destructive ones like Afzal Guru and the independence of Kashmir.
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Dear JNU, When Will You Protest For Our Soldiers?

My father is a retired Subedar Major of the Indian Army. When he saw you shouting slogans in support of terrorists, he turned off the television and left the room. He didn't say anything. But I knew what he was thinking. You were making a complete mockery of our defence forces. He was ashamed to serve you. Now let me exercise my freedom of speech: your actions were nothing but shameful and disgraceful...

Dear Arundhati Roy, Congrats, You've Taken Your Hypocrisy To New Lows

I read your piece "Why I Am Returning My Award" three times to understand if you really do have an authentic critique of the present government. Honestly, I struggled to find a constructive reason. The most telling statement I found was this: "I am very pleased to have found (from somewhere way back in my past) a National Award that I can return, because it allows me to be a part of a political movement." Let's question your reasoning: can a political movement (which you want to join), logically, exist in the world (in terms of political ideology) that you believe in?