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Why It's Better For Kids To Be Schooled In Their Mother Tongue

I recently visited a primary school in Tirur, Malappuram district, Kerala. The language of instruction was English. The teacher had great enthusiasm, but the children didn't quite share it and seemed to be restless and distracted. To get to the bottom of this, I decided to have an informal chat with one of the students, Atul. When I asked him what he had learned in class, he was stumped. He didn't know what the teacher was even talking about.
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Why I'm Not Sending My Kids To Classes Or Camps This Winter Vacation

I dread vacations, I really do. And, I think, almost every mother does. I order books, I buy crayons and colour pencils and paints. I pull out all the birthday gifts that I have successfully stowed away for months. And yet, when the vacations begin, I find myself terribly ill-equipped to handle the girls. Perhaps that is why, no sooner than the holidays start, most mothers, like me, want to pack the children off to some camp or the other.