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Reclaiming Lost Childhoods By Rethinking Rehabilitation

Since my own childhood, I had a dream which later became the mission of my life and the core value of Bachpan Bachao Andolan. It was a very simple thought — every child should be free to be a child, free to laugh and cry, free to play and learn and above all, free to dream. To accomplish this vision of a child-friendly world we need child-friendly politics, child-friendly businesses, child-friendly faith institutions and child-friendly justice delivery mechanisms and establishments.
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The Children Of Crisis

For the first time ever, the international community will come together in Istanbul for the World Humanitarian Summit on 23-24 May, 2016, to discuss the serious humanitarian crisis that the world is facing. At the summit, the Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation, along with our partners, will bring together leaders at a discussion on protecting children. Through a high-level panel, we will aim to build a strong political will to bring the issues of child labour, slavery and deprivation from education during crises, into the mainstream humanitarian response mechanism.
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Brazil Refuses To Weaken Slavery Law, Sets An Example For Other Nations

The prevalent law in Brazil includes strenuous work and unacceptable, exhausting or degrading working conditions as a form of modern-day slavery. However, in the past few years, there have been strong appeals to introduce Federal Senate Bill No. 432. If passed, it would have demolished the strength of the labour force and diluted the slavery law. I was extremely fortunate to have arrived in Brazil just when it was undergoing discussion. My address to the Human Rights Senate Caucus (HRSC) turned out to be tremendously rewarding.

‘I Can Be A Child Again': Fardeen's Story (#NotMadebyChildren)

Fardeen is diminutive, looking younger than his 14 years. He stares a lot at his hands which are scarred from the work he did as a child labourer. He was brought at the age of 11 to Delhi by a hotel owner, with promises of a good salary and a better life in the city. However, the reality was different. Fardeen was sold for Rs 6000 to sew at a denim factory.

Can India Lead The Global Fight Against Child Labour?

The setting -- the base of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C -- was perfect to launch the Meet Up For Childhood Freedom. As the symbol of the anti-slavery movement watched over, a man in a white kurta pyjama made an impassioned plea to fight child labour across the world. He was Kailash Satyarthi, who in 2014 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work against child labour. A year later, Satyarthi wants to take the crusade further.
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Why We Must Invest In Education For A Sustainable Society

A sustainable society stands on four pillars -- people, planet, prosperity and peace. Education is the seal that binds these pillars individually and jointly. Sadly, today less than 4% of global aid goes for education. We need US$22 billion to send every child to school. This equals 4.5 days of annual military expenditure. Do we need soldiers more than teachers, armies more than educated citizens?