What The News Doesn't Tell You About Rural India

P. Sainath wrote Everybody Loves a Good Drought in 1996. Two decades later, it remains a terrific read for anyone seeking to understand rural India. The less you know about the dark space that is rural India, the less you have to be concerned about lighting a candle. In times of troubling patriotism and nationalism, contemplating on how cruelly 850 million Indians live is a first step towards a better future.
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What The Media's 'Biased' Coverage Says About Us

It is easy for us as readers to accuse the media of biased reporting and to portray journalists as being West-obsessed. Indeed, the media is to be blamed for under-reporting crucial events and not amply informing us of them. But the average reader is also to blame for this. The average consumer of news is more attracted by click-bait headlines and colourful stories than by facts or scholarly opinion.
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The Ramnath Goenka Awards And The Crisis In Indian Media: An Opportunity Lost

It would have been a fitting tribute to Ramnath Goenka if the organisers had taken advantage of the high-decibel media presence to discuss factors that are threatening professional values, journalistic autonomy, media ethics and public service reporting, instead of using it as another opportunity to invite a Bollywood star and reap mileage out of his controversial remarks.
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'Caravan' Magazine's Apology For Not Putting A Woman On The Cover For 5 Years Is Hogwash

The Caravan actually didn't have a woman on any of their covers ever. And don't presume that most covers had issue-based images. No, they mostly featured a personality. A male personality. Associate editor Supriya Nair makes a sad attempt at saving Caravan's face and renders a terrible apology for this gap... to say that in five years you couldn't find one woman figure worthy of the cover page, well that is just a dumb lie.

Podcast: Anuvab Pal & Kunaal Roy Kapur Muse About THAT Murder

"The murder? Eh, I don't watch these things, such sensational yellow journalism... wait, they found the guy who sold him the briefcase? What are you saying?! Shut up!" After a week of giving into their voyeuristic tendencies and closely following the Sheena Bora murder case, Anuvab & Kunaal have some great insights on the media and its coverage of the murder.

The ‘Eye Candy' Babu: Outlook's Irresponsible Journalism

Exactly a day after the world witnessed the humongous response to #SelfieWithDaughter, seemingly to support daughters in particular and promote gender equality in general, I read a piece, "No Boring Babu", in Outlook India's Deep Throat Column, by a female journalist on a woman IAS officer who was described as "eye candy" who "knows exactly what time the CM will arrive and leave the office".

Vinod Mehta Was The Editor I Never Had

Vinod sounded so happy, just so happy that day, the last day we spoke. He sounded utterly content and chilled out. And I was really looking forward to the book release as well. The week after our chat I read the advance copy of the book his publishers had sent me. To be honest, I read it twice. I had never read a more complete sequel.

Will The Future Of Journalism Make Us Less Informed?

Citizen journalists around the world continue to shine through the chaos of the news landscape, often providing us with the first insight into places journalists are unable to reach. And that can only be a good thing right? Why not have extra pairs of eyes that journalists can rely on? After all, journalists can't be everywhere all the time.

Media Screams Free Speech, Has Conspiracy Of Silence For Its Own Soldiers

Th Charlie Hebdo attack was widely condemned in our country. There was a flurry of news reports which stressed on how free speech was being attacked in the name of religion. This raises a vital question. Why was there such low coverage of the blocking of two Telugu channels, TV9 and ABN Andhra Jyothi, only because they had criticised the incumbent government? Isn't this an attack on free speech? Maybe here lies the irony. The media, which is supposed to unearth the ugly realities of our democracy, chooses to ignore its own dirty laundry sometimes.

A Hole In A Pink Kurta

This piece of cotton-candy hues saw me through some great times including my first kiss, my first media junket overseas, and also some tough times including hanging around the Bachchan residence during the media melee surrounding Bachchan Jr's marriage to the beauty queen and to waiting around for hours outside the sessions court waiting for trials to end.