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Differently-Abled Teachers Could Bridge The Education Gap For Students With Special Needs

Last month, I went to an NGO in north Delhi with a friend who worked there. Coincidentally, on that very day, the CBSE class 12 results came out. The mood there was very jubilant because more than five visually challenged students associated with the NGO got more than 90% marks while a few others got more than 80%. Though these performances would not be considered extraordinary in normal circumstances, these were not ordinary students.
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6 Top Global Recruitment Trends For 2016

The key to maintaining a successful business is always being aware of what is occurring in your industry and with your competitors, and recruitment is no different. In order to help you understand the key trends in global recruitment for 2016, Lucas Blake have put together an infographic that uses figures from the 5th LinkedIn annual report which surveyed almost 3900 global talent acquisition decision-makers.
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5 Ways To Kick-Start Your Career In A New Country

Qualified professionals are increasingly migrating between countries to enhance their personal and professional lives. However, each country has its own set of social, political, academic and workplace cultures. For instance, work cultures vary significantly between India (my country of birth) and Australia (my adopted country). Therefore, for a professional migrant who intends to shift base and navigate the cultural divisions of the "East" and the "West", finding that first professional break can become a daunting task. Not because of a lack of skills, but because of a lack of know-how.