Jawaharlal Nehru

Yuji Sakai

Why We Should Be More Conscious of India’s Size

As we were getting ready to leave our lecture-hall in Manchester University, the secretary of our course announced that exiting on to Oxford Street would be difficult as a “huge” demonstration was imminent. My friend and course-mate, a senior police officer from India, enquired how big the demonstration was likely to be and guffawed when informed that between 50 to a 100 people were expected to gather. “Is that a demonstration?” he asked, “that is the average gathering at a bus stop in Delhi every day!”
Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

Why India's Bureaucracy Cannot Be A Meritocracy

Raghuram Rajan's exit from the RBI demonstrates the rot in India's bureaucracy. Far from being merit-based, it is seriously politicized. Bureaucrats have become sycophants. Self-respecting independent thinkers have no place in India's system. Even the most capable survive or thrive only through their handling of political masters. The quality of their work stands for very little. It is no fault of the bureaucrats. The problem is systemic. It starts from the top.