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India Must Build Its Growth Story Around Innovation

Innovation worries us. At one level, many perceive it as a threat to their jobs and, in fact, to their way of thinking and behaving. It challenges what they are used to. At another and more profound level, there is genuine fear of failure. After all, not all innovations succeed. Indeed, most fail. A combination of the above is often the reason why governments and institutions are usually averse to innovation and thus, change.
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The Shameful Discrimination Against Israeli Athletes Must Stop

The most recent incident took place in the 2016 Rio Olympics during the men's heavyweight judo bout between Or Sasson of Israel and Egyptian judoka El Shehaby. After the match, which Sasson won, Shehaby spurned a handshake extended by Sasson. Another similar incident occurred in Rio when a Saudi judoka quit because there was a chance that she could have faced Gili Cohen, an Israeli. The opening day ceremony sparked controversy when the Lebanese delegation refused to travel in the same bus as Israeli athletes.

The Two 'Nakbas' Of November For Palestine

"Al-Nakba" is an Arabic word meaning "the catastrophe". Sixty-eight years ago, on 29 November, 1947, the UN Security Council rolled out Resolution 181 on Palestine, putting wheels on a runaway train that continues to mow down Arabs and Jews alike. By legitimising Israel's declaration of independence a year later, this resolution marked the first Nakba of November for Palestinian Arabs. The second Nakba of November took place 73 years before 1947, with the birth of one Chaim Weizmann in a small village near Pinsk, Russia...
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EXCLUSIVE: We Are Doing What We Can To Release Indians In ISIS Captivity, Says Palestine's Ambassador To India

In the wake of the brutal Paris attacks, Palestine's influence with ISIS could be pivotal, not least in mediating the release of Indian captives held by the terrorist organisation in Iraq. In a no-holds-barred interview, Palestine's Ambassador to India, HE Adnan Abualhaija, hits out at the global media for ignoring crimes against Palestinians by an Israeli government controlled by ultra-right wing groups, Israel's avowed reluctance for a two-state solution, the "Judaizing" of Jerusalem and India's growing ties with Israel seen against Palestine's influence in the Arab world.