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Can The West Indies Recover Their Lost Cricketing Glory?

When the West Indies won the T20 cricket world cup in April, it was a moment of joy for every cricket lover, even as England's Ben Stokes, who got hit for four consecutive sixes, burst into tears. Every cricket fan appreciated the Caribbean team's performance, especially since nobody expected them to win the tournament in style. But the T20 triumph notwithstanding, the West Indies have been on a downward trajectory.

India Needs The IPL Golden Goose To Stay Home

Now that the IPL's governing council has made a strong pitch to shift the IPL to either the UAE or South Africa, it is time to sit back and reflect. You could shrug and say, how does the venue matter? But would the English Premier League (EPL) be as popular if it was, say, played in Singapore? Will someone in South Africa be as proud as apna Delhiite watching the Delhi Daredevils walk in?

BCCI And IPL Need To Clean Up Their Act -- Cricket Australia Can Show Them How

The IPL, to me, is a sporting circus synonymous with brand endorsements, Bollywood stars and drunken after-parties. Throw in a raft of "match fixing" allegations, corruption-prone officials, and banned franchises, and there you have it -- Brand IPL at its inglorious best. A perfect recipe to bastardise a popular sport. The most disturbing part is that the BCCI seems to be content with such a projection of the IPL to the rest of the world.