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Mahabharata 2.0: The BJP And The Art Of Social Media Warfare

Rajyavardhan Rathore, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, recently warned the country that a paradigm shift was taking place in the art of warfare. India now finds itself in the midst of “psychological war”, in his view. He pointed out that even as the horror in Kashmir unfolded, we all missed thousands of unguided tweets being exchanged between India and Pakistan. These 140-character missiles must have been terrifying…
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Indians Are Not Intolerant, They're Desperate

India's strong moral fabric often haemorrhages in the hands of opportunistic power mongers. The naiveties of its masses are preyed upon by the power-hungry, robbing them of opportunities to thrive and prosper. Bereft of choices and let down by their supposed caretakers, the disenchanted masses are bound to develop an affinity for anarchy in their struggle for survival.
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Living A Virtual Lie

I look at videos about women's empowerment, I read stories about it, I start believing in it and yet when I open my ears a little in the real world, I see the same old crap. Women still work 20-hour shifts, divided between their job and housework, people still think rape is all the victim's fault, wives are still beaten as par for the course. Closer to home, my husband still thinks that him taking care of his child is "baby sitting" or a "favour" to me.

Recent Incidents That Shook India's Fundamentals

The recent incident in JNU, in which students shouted slogans calling for the destruction of India, brings to question the very fabric of our Constitution. Maybe it's time to write a new one. This is not the first such incident in recent memory that has forced us to evaluate our constitutional basics. Believe it or not, India is at war, a war does not involve weapons but words, principles and beliefs about what is right or wrong.
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Beef And Beyond: The Toxic Narratives That Are Shaping The India Of Tomorrow

Hindu nationalism has unquestionably been on the rise since India's last elections in 2014, when the BJP was elected to power on a massive anti-incumbency wave. But while it is vital to be alert to any extremist Hindu elements, it is also simplistic to blame a single constituency for India's current communal problems. The truth is much more complex, and much more toxic. It encompasses illegal immigration, vote bank politics and social and economic pressures on indigenous populations.

The Intolerance Debate And The Boundaries Of Democracy

India is country where a chief minister can call Prime Minister Narendra Modi a coward and a psychopath person. A woman can throw a flower pot at the PM's cavalcade and get nothing more than a rap on the wrist. And while this is a free country, does it mean that anyone can do whatever the hell they want? Democracy empowers people with freedom of speech and expression, but is this freedom not misused too often to count?