International Women's Day

Why It's Quite Enough To Be The Woman Of The House

My brother and I were brought up by our mother after my parents split up. Since I was eight years old, my relatives would advise me, "You need to be the man of the house and take care of your mother." Therefore, when I used to go for my tennis practice, I would literally beg my coach to allow me to play with the boys and not the girls. I switched from Barbies to car-racing video games...
Martin Barraud via Getty Images

The Toxic Gaze Of Delhi Men

I am a woman and I live alone in Delhi. It is my individual choice to live alone. I think living alone is a luxury only few can acknowledge. Living alone no longer means being lonely. Living alone is being one with yourself. Unfortunately, though, in Delhi, you can never be too far from the watching distance of prying eyes.
Aga Khan Foundation

Recognition, Solidarity, Hope: Helping Marginalized Women Participate More Fully In Society

Too many women in India lack the fundamental dignity and self-determination that modern societies seek for their citizens. Yet the arc of history is bending in India. The world's largest democracy will be truly exemplary when its women are full participants in its society and politics. There are a number of very concrete things we can do to advance this path, improving the quality of life and laying the foundation for social inclusion, greater liberty and fundamental dignity.