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I’m A Dalit But I Think It’s Wrong To Blame The BJP For The Una Assault

It is important to remember that atrocities such as the one in Una are not new. They have existed across different political regimes. The Indian National Congress, for example, will have no place to hide if a post-independence analysis on atrocities on Dalits is done. Therefore, a pragmatic approach to integration lies in divorcing the atrocities committed against Dalits with the rule of any particular political party.

BJP, Gujarat and Patidar Politics: 10 Factors To Piece The Puzzle

Ever since Hardik Patel and the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) began their fierce battle in Gujarat to win OBC status for the affluent Patidar community, political pundits have been peering into their crystal balls to make predictions about the future of politics in the state. Since much of the andolan's ire is directed towards the ruling BJP, many are concluding that the party should be very worried for its future. But is this really the case? We believe that the answer lies in past events and equations in Gujarat. The following 10 factors hold the answer to the implications of the movement.
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Why India Needs Rahul Gandhi

What I present is a counterview to the popular narrative that has been built around Rahul Gandhi. My writing is based on watching him and his politics over the years, but with one critical difference -- the absence of preconceived notions. This attitude has enabled me to separate the perception from the facts, leading me to assert that India needs a politician like Rahul Gandhi. I would like to debunk a few popular myths that have been carefully built around him.