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In Defence Of Non-Vegetarianism

Meat-eating in India carries a stigma, one which is strong enough for people to rebuff marriage alliances, landlords to refuse tenants, hotels to reject guests, and – depending on the meat one eats –mobs to lynch. An old moral view that plant-sourced foods are pure and foster peace, whereas meat is dark and fuels depravity, gives the stigma its teeth. Here are four reasons to defy this stigma and its morality, and to unabashedly endorse non-vegetarianism in the country.
Aysha Tanya

14 Secret Kitchen Hacks From Mothers Across India

We caught up with some of our favourite mommy-cooks to put this list together. We can all agree that all mums have the uncanny ability to fix almost anything - from high-school science projects to broken hearts and failed chicken curries. So we asked Mum to share one ingredient from her cuisine, with the power to transform a dish, either in flavour or nutritional value. And what we have here is absolute gold!
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The Cancer Diet And The Importance Of Snacking [Recipes]

High-calorie foods that may not be ideal when healthy may be exactly what the doctor ordered when one is undergoing cancer therapy. In this scenario snacking can provide those extra calories required to rebuild the body, prevent weight loss and increase energy levels. Indian cuisine can come to your rescue as it incorporates tasty snacking options that can be used to supplement the main meals of the day.
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Podcast: Khichdi - The National Dish of India

What would be India's national dish? More importantly, can a country like ours, with its sundry eating habits, even have a dish that would represent all? Most of us would think that it's a tough ask. But, if you study our varied cuisines closely, you will find that there is one preparation that unites all our diverse food cultures. And this is Khichdi.