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Teachers Are The Architects Of Our Society

Good teaching stretches, challenges and pushes learners to discover more. And motivated learners become the leaders of our society. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day in India, we celebrate and congratulate all teachers who are putting their best foot forward to help shape our young learners’ thoughts and ideas, guiding them on their learning journeys to discover and achieve, while never forgetting that they themselves are lifelong learners.
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5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Study Abroad Experience

It is true that information about higher studies abroad is available more easily today than it was, say, 20 years ago. But disinformation is also more easily available, and sometimes it’s hard to tell it apart from the real thing. So unfortunately, we sometimes see stories of innocent students getting deported because they were bound either for a fraudulent university, or enrolled in a genuine university based on fudged applications.
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Rote Learning Is Harming The Future Employability Of Our Kids

India is focused on becoming a digitally enabled nation in terms of infrastructure, business and literacy, but for that we need the right kind of workforce. The challenge begins right from school age, when children often do not receive guidance to approach their education in the right way and are forced to follow ineffective methods of learning, such as rote memorization.

Our Teachers Need A Crash Course In Inspiring Young Minds

A few months ago, I was summoned by my five-year-old son’s class teacher regarding his attentiveness in class. She complained that my son doesn’t follow instructions and seems quite uninterested in what is being taught. When I asked my son why he behaved like that, he coolly responded, “I can’t see the blackboard properly and so can’t understand what she says.” His matter-of-fact response got me thinking about why the teacher couldn’t solve such a simple issue without involving the parents.