India Climate Change

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WTO Rains On India's Solar Power Plan, Sets Back Climate Action

The World Trade Organization (WTO) recently ruled against India's "buy-local" provisions for large solar projects, which are entitled to subsidy and assured government procurement if the equipment is manufactured locally. Filed by the US in 2013, the case was brought to remove any disadvantage to imported solar equipment in India. The WTO has a history of supporting anti-climate and anti-environment rulings, with Canada recently losing a similar case on renewable energy and incentives for local firms in Ontario.
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Instruments Of Change: Raising Investments For India's Climate Commitments

Public-private collaboration will be essential to raising the finance needed for India's cleaner growth. While the right domestic policies will be key to facilitating finance, greatly scaling up investment from the private sector will be the only way to mobilise the full amount of capital needed to meet India's renewable energy targets. In order to scale up private investment, India needs financial instruments for renewable energy and other green infrastructure that are a better match with investors' needs.

Time For Indo-US Collaboration in Social Impact Investing: A 5-Point Agenda

There is a natural synergy between the work of impact investors (those who intentionally target social objectives along with financial return) in the US and social enterprises in India. By exploiting this synergy, President Obama and Prime Minister Modi can help achieve their common vision of Indo-US collaboration to achieve inclusive growth and social progress. This five-point agenda for the US and India outlines how we can leverage the power of social impact investing to harness entrepreneurship, innovation and capital to solve the toughest problems facing society.
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India Unfinished

India reminds me of a giant distracted child playing Lego. There are always pieces mislaid, left over or gone missing. Look around you. Nothing ever seems to be well thought out or executed in its entirety. We see this in almost all aspects of our daily life.