Photo of young, black African American actors waiting on the couch for audition or Job Interview. The image can be used for the entertainment industry as depicting a casting session audition or to depict employment issues and job interviews. The actors are holding scripts or resumes.

I Made A Film About Diversity Because Nobody Else Would

A while back I wrote a piece titled "Hollywood Needs More Brown Superheroes", which was about diversity in the entertainment industry, but also about how I really wanted to be a brown superhero or Jed...
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Why People With Disabilities Need Opportunities, Not Charity

Vindhya began operating in 2006. We started by employing three physically challenged people. Today, we have over a 1000 employees and projected revenue of $4.2 million for 2015-2016. Vindhya is unique because it is a "for profit" organisation and has purposefully moved away from the NGO route. Our idea was to bring business and philanthropy together, envisioning an entirely new model of job creation for differently-abled people, one that is self-sustainable.
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A Lesson To Learn From Principal Manabi Bandyopadhyay

The first time I noticed them was when I was around seven, at a wedding in the family. They were, to me, strange-looking men -- clad in saris and wearing women's jewellery and make-up -- singing loudly and dancing awkwardly in our front yard. Some years later, at another wedding the same thing happened. By this time I had realised they were different, unlike anyone else around us. But who were these men and why did they dress up as women?