Podcast: Vikram Doctor On Indian Muslim Cuisine

Almost every Indian city has a neighbourhood devoted to Muslim cuisine, which most of us think begins and ends at biryani, kebabs and baida rotis. But, in this episode of The Real Food Podcast, Vikram Doctor puts it perfectly - "There's a lot more to Muslim food than this greasy, heavy, spicy food."
Adnan Firoze

A Sweet Iftar Morsel From Dhaka

Banani Road Number 11, once a luxurious pathway to the richest neighbourhood in Dhaka, has transformed into a bustling hub of consumerism. This Ramadan, it is home to overpriced iftar items, boutiques and a place for you take your romantic partners to dates-- the Arabian ones you can eat! However, the hustle and bustle is not exclusively the province of the rich. Sometimes the two worlds - of privilege and deprivation - do collide. This is the tale of one such intersection.
Anubhav Sapra_ Delhi Food Walks

11 Old Delhi Eateries You Must Not Miss This Ramzan

During iftar, Old Delhi becomes a paradise for food connoisseurs. The lane opposite Jama Masjid - Bazar Matia Mahal - is filled with heady aromas from big heaps of keema samosas, vats of buffalo biryani, grilling botis and kebabs and hot paneer jalebi. To cool down, there are drums filled with Rooh Afza sherbet and dishes of dahi vada. But with so many choices, where will you find the best feast? Here are 11 of my favourite iftar eateries in the area.