The Road To Nowhere: Modi's Foreign Policy

Diplomacy is a fine art, requiring both sense and sensibility. Sadly, both deserted a stubborn Modi Sarkar, hell-bent on its predilection for atmospherics, as the much-hyped National Security Advisor' s talks between India and Pakistan collapsed on 22 August, 2015. The air was pregnant with smartly worded rhetoric, but the bottom-line is that both countries stand to lose in this obdurate positioning, where strategic cross-border negotiations to alleviate escalating tensions took a backseat to pleasing restless domestic constituencies.
Jeffrey Coolidge via Getty Images

Why Pakistan Must Learn India's New Way

It's more than clear that India will no longer accept Pakistani leaders' engagement with separatist Hurriyat leaders either directly or indirectly. The line was drawn when proposed foreign secretary level talks in Islamabad were cancelled in August last year. The Indian side had sent a strong message to Pakistan that it was serious in trying to resolve outstanding issue bilaterally but would not take it lightly if Pakistan tried to mollycoddle the Hurriyat Conference.