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Orlando And The Unmentionability Trap

For the conservatives, it was a confusing situation. Someone from a religion they hate killed a group of people they hate. Now they can't show sympathy towards the killer because he's a Muslim. They can't show sympathy towards the victims because they were LGBTQ+. So they ignored the LGBTQ+ side of the victims. For the liberals too, it was confusing and difficult. They can't blame the Muslims because it'll lead to more Islamophobia... So they blamed the guns and homophobia, ignoring the fact that a religious ideology is also responsible.

Why We Need To Accept That Omar Mateen Was Not Just Another Muslim Terrorist

We must be careful of how we set the discourse on the Orlando massacre. Very evidently, Omar Mateen wasn't the simple Kalashnikov-toting, vest-wearing Muslim terrorist that most of us are familiar with. While the dominant narrative serves to highlight the proliferating global appeal of the Islamic State's virulent ideology, it not only subdues a vital discussion on Mateen's chequered personal history but also conveniently diverts the popular narrative from the stark reality of the severe discrimination and bigotry that the queer community confronts on an everyday basis.

A Lok Sabha Of Homophobic MPs

After the huge disappointment of having his Private Member's Bill to amend 377 slapped down even before it could be introduced, Shashi Tharoor went on to start a change.org campaign calling for the decriminalization of homosexuality, receiving 65k+ signatures in a few days. After all that support, you would think MPs would have changed their mind? At least, Tharoor seemed optimistic. But in Indian politics, lessons are seldom learnt. The MPs went on to defeat the introduction of Tharoor's Bill once again.
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Homophobia Has No Place In Sikhism

The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) recently decided to not honour Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne during her visit to the Golden Temple because of her support for same-sex marriage. Wynne is also openly lesbian. SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar even said, "Offering her (Wynne) a siropa would be against Sikh ethics." It must be pointed out that they have not specified the theological basis of their decision. Alas, their own biases and homophobia are passed off as "Sikh ethics".
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Love Is A Bad Word In Our Society

Homosexuals are probably the most intensely loving individuals. Think of it, their love is so strong that even after 100 plus years of 'illegality' tagged against their natural being, they have continued to love their partners, families and never given up on an emotion that fosters peace, all virtually without any support system be it from the law or society.