Hindu-Muslim Tension

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How India Became Communal And What We Must Do To Defeat It

I firmly believe and have repeatedly said that the vast majority of men and women are good by nature, as my great teacher Rousseau taught me. That is why I have repeatedly said, and I firmly believe, that over 99% Muslims, and 99% Pakistanis are good by nature -- just as over 99% Hindus and 99% Indians are good by nature. And yet the truth is that today most Hindus (though not all) are communal, hating Muslims, and most Muslims (though not all ) are also communal, hating Hindus.
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The Malda Riots And The Shocking Silence Of The Liberal Media

Amidst the allegations of Hindu intolerance under the Modi government, one event in Mamata's Bengal went quite unnoticed by the left-liberal media stalwarts. No writers came out to return their awards and the journalists had other things to rant about. Had it not been for social media, we would not have known much about it. The event in question was the carnage and arson that followed an aggressive demonstration by thousands of Muslims in Malda demanding death for Kamlesh Tiwari, a small-time Hindu Mahasabha leader.
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Chetan Bhagat And The Anatomy of A Bigot

I recently had the dubious pleasure of reading Chetan Bhagat's Times of India blog post on the "Anatomy of a liberal". The style of his piece is as frothy as ever, though sadly a little short on credible detail. The crux of Chetan Bhagat's argument, perhaps, is that India's liberal class is great at taking umbrage. There is much to take umbrage at right now. There is a rising feeling of intolerance -- towards dissent, towards resistance, and towards alternative belief systems -- a wave ably represented by Bhagat's article.

Ayodhya: The Final Solution

After the literal amputation of it in August 1947, what happened in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992, is arguably the most grievous, still-festering, self-inflicted wound on the original idea of India. I believe most Indians, in their heart of hearts, would wish to see it healed. I know that most Indians, in their heart of hearts, believe that this is wishful thinking.