Hardik Patel

Recent Incidents That Shook India's Fundamentals

The recent incident in JNU, in which students shouted slogans calling for the destruction of India, brings to question the very fabric of our Constitution. Maybe it's time to write a new one. This is not the first such incident in recent memory that has forced us to evaluate our constitutional basics. Believe it or not, India is at war, a war does not involve weapons but words, principles and beliefs about what is right or wrong.
SAJJAD HUSSAIN via Getty Images

Desperately Seeking Hardik: An Investigation

While planning my column, halfway through my coffee, my editor called. He always drives me mental. "Give me something hard-hitting," he said. "Why not Har-dik?" I inquired in my favourite fake American accent, making it sound like quite something else. "You pervert," he screamed, "this government will shut us down." I said Hardik again, this time in my desi accent. "Now that sounds hard-hitting," he said. So we agreed. Hardik it was.